John & Lorna Jackson

Therapeutic Hypnotists, Hypnosis Trainers, Psychotherapists, Clinical/Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, Regression Specialists, Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Specialists, Public Speakers, Authors.

Dip Hypnosis, Dip Adv Hypnosis, Dip Ego State Therapy, Dip Resource Therapy, Advanced Clinical RT Therapists and Trainers. Lead trainers at, Clinical Hypnotherapy Training.

Located: Gold Coast
Mobile: 0490 135 873

John and Lorna Jackson are both well-established experienced Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapists and also as Trainers with over three decades of clinical hypnotherapy experience between them, they are respected leaders in the field. They have both been personally trained and mentored by leading luminaries in the fields of hypnosis and psychology. They have a strong belief in their work as hypnotherapists and trainers, having a spiritual life purpose rather than personal.

Together they hold a strong passion for their work and the online training courses they offer, their mission is to train confident, competent clinical hypnotherapists ready to begin practice.

They have successfully helped thousands of clients and hundreds of students to move forward in life. As well as running a full-time clinical practice for well over a decade, they have worked extensively, running courses in hypnosis and regression therapy around Australia and overseas. They have also been trainers with The Australian Academy of Hypnosis.

John and Lorna are known for assisting their clients to create rapid change for life’s difficult problems and are skilled practitioners in powerful releasing protocols and a variety of transformational processes. The personally developed therapies and programs they offer have influenced the lives of hundreds of clients and brought insight, wisdom and spiritual growth to many people in need. Through the use of their unique hypnotherapeutic techniques, they have personally assisted a wide variety of people in professions ranging from international sales motivators, commercial airline pilots, psychologists, medical professionals, musicians, television presenters, business people, to homemakers and children. People from all walks of life, facing challenges such as stress disorders, nicotine and drug dependency, gambling, addiction, alcohol problems, pain management, depression, panic disorder, insomnia, motivation, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer and many other various behavioural challenges.

This couple has walked their talk having started their hypnotherapy clinic working out of a small bedroom in their home in the outer suburbs of Brisbane. With only one basic website and local advertising, the business slowly grew and before long they had to renovate a single garage into a clinic space and further along split the garage space into two rooms as the practice grew. Soon it was time to move and next came purpose-built clinic rooms in their new home along with training space. This extra room allowed the development of the training programs to begin in earnest and soon they began to grow as trainers. Now living on the Gold Coast and having a home clinic along with Brisbane clinic rooms.

Over the years they have both been involved in serving on hypnotherapy committees and running peer groups. They now are looking forward to imparting the years of experience they have gained within the industry to their Clinical Hypnotherapy students. The knowledge you will learn from John and Lorna has been gained by working at the forefront of the hypnotherapy profession.

Besides their vast clinical hypnotherapy knowledge, John and Lorna have also undergone extensive training in Past Life and Between Lives Regression Therapy, having trained personally with many of the pioneers in this field which include, Dr Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon, Roger Woolger, The Michael Newton Institute and Dee Chips (who is the only surviving pioneer member from the original group of trainers who created the Life Between Lives training in the USA). John and Lorna foundered, “The Jackson Institute”. The mission of the Jackson Institute was/is to “Awaken consciousness and facilitate the healing of souls globally through building a network of enlightened healers”. The Jackson Institute has now been amalgamated into Real Hypnosis Training and the Hypnotherapy Learninig Hub.

Together Lorna and John created the “Soul Regression Therapy” training program and process, a 6- day facilitator’s training course. Working closely with only small intimate groups of 8 – 10 students, Lorna and John have now taught this course to over 400 students around Australia and internationally.

Through their regression work, they have compiled a large body of reincarnation evidence and research. Lorna has written many articles about past life regression and the afterlife that have been published in Australian magazines. Lorna and John are authors of the book, “Soul Regression Therapy, Case Histories of Past Life Regression and Between Life Regression, Healing Current Life Wounds and Trauma,” (available from most online book retailers) which contains a collection of case studies from their ever-growing database of regression recordings.