Clinical Hypnotherapy Training – Soul Regression Training

We are proud to offer multiple levels of Online Clinical Hypnotherapy training courses.

These are leading training courses in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Regression. This training is suitable for those considering a career in Clinical Hypnotherapy or a career in the field of Spiritual Regression (Past Life Regression, Between Life Regression).

Depending on the study path you choose, after completion of your studies, you can then begin to work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist, a Past Life Regression Therapist, Between Lives Regression Therapist, or all three.

The Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy,

The Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy,

The Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

We also offer two Transpersonal Hypnotherapy courses,

The Certificate of Past Life Regression

The Certificate of Soul Regression Therapy.


Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Online Hypnotherapy Training – IAOTH Accredited.

For either those starting out on a career in clinical hypnotherapy, or for those just interested in learning hypnosis. From day one of the course, you will be learning what hypnosis really is and how it works and you will begin to hypnotise others. We dispel the myths and answer your questions.

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy

Online Hypnotherapy Training – IAOTH Accredited.

This is practical and hands on for those wanting a career as a fully qualified competent Clinical Hypnotherapist. This comprehensive Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy enables students to confidently start up and build their own successful effective and ethical clinical hypnotherapy practice.


Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy

Online Clinical Hypnotherapy Training – IAOTH Accredited.

The accolade of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist is for those who want to achieve in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy and clearly demonstrates a high degree of knowledge, dedication and application in attaining the full skill set of an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist.

The Certificate of Past Life Regression

Online Video Training.

The online Certificate of Past Life Regression video training course covers it all from beginners level to the more advanced techniques involved in Past Life Regression Therapy. This is the actual classroom training filmed live and bought to you as a video course.

This course is open to anyone wanting to learn Past Life Regression Therapy, not only practising hypnotherapists and healers but to responsible people who are drawn to spiritual work, healing or a desire to help people.

The Certificate of Soul Regression Therapy

Online Video Training.

This is a great opportunity for existing hypnotherapists and non-therapists alike to train in Past Life Regression and Between Lives Regression Therapy and take their skill set to a new level.

You will learn hypnotic methods, regression techniques and insiders information that could take you years to learn.

Much of the content is not available in any other training.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training in conjunction with the Hypnotherapy Learning Hub provides their students with revolutionary knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to effectively create transformation and life-changing effects for the benefit of all. You will learn the art of client centered therapy and positive healing through a holistic approach of body, mind and soul. Allowing you to help others to restore a sense of calmness, well-being and relaxation. Clinical Hypnotherapy Training offers an environment of nurturing, growth and healing, supporting you throughout your learning transformation.

Our online video courses are suitable for people from all walks of life and all levels of experience. Whether you are, embarking on a new career, an existing alternate health practitioner or perhaps you are on a personal journey of healing and learning. Whatever your calling is the courses on offer at Clinical Hypnotherapy Training are designed to take you to a higher level of understanding of yourself and service to others. To go to the Hypnotherapy Learning Hub ➡️.

The Hypnotherapy Learning Hub honours each person’s individual way of being, knowing, and learning.

Dedicated and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapy trainers Lorna and John Jackson are highly experienced Clinical / Transpersonal Hypnotherapists with over two and a half decades of practitionership expericence. They are well respected in their field and have tremendous passion for all aspects of Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. Lorna and John will personaly help you to develop into the best possible therapist you can be and assist you to blossom and transform yourself into a creative healing force.