About Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

Australia’s leading Clinical / transpersonal Hypnotherapy training institution.

Lorna and Johns Mission Statement

To ensure that we teach every student to the best of our ability, to impart our competent skills and experience, to demystify the hypnotherapy profession and enable our graduates to succeed as Clinical Hypnotherapists.

John and Lorna Jackson formed Clinical Hypnotherapy Training to address a gap in Clinical Hypnotherapy Training programs within Australia. Whilst there are many schools, academies and institutes that train proficient hypnotherapists, John and Lorna wanted to address the hypnotherapeutic holism of the Body – Mind – Spirit connection.

Lorna and John Jackson are real-life experienced trainers solidly grounded in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, and Spiritual Hypnotherapy, having run their businesses since 2003 and have current operating Hypnotherapy clinics on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. Only life experienced trainers with many years of practical experience and good track records are really the ones to study within their humble opinion. The proliferation in the number of courses in hypnotherapy being offered by trainers with minimal experience has become concerning to John and Lorna. There are way too many textbook trainers these days, of no success, attempting to train others how to become successful in the field of hypnotherapy. “This is like the blind leading the blind”.

They recognised the need for hands-on trainers who can not only “talk the talk” but can “walk the walk”. This is vital as many trainers simply do not possess the in-depth knowledge and years of practical experience needed to train confident hypnotherapists, how can you teach real effective methods without experience? The most effective methods come from many years of experience gathered from seeing many clients for a variety of problems.

As a hypnotherapy student, you can pay many thousands of dollars only to end up learning and practising a progressive muscle relaxation technique for 3 – 4 days before you are given a document that decrees you as a Hypnotherapist, Modern Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist or a Master Practitioner. Its a sad but true reality that many graduates from this type of training have no real idea of what true Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy or hypnosis really is.

Our goal first and foremost is to assist you to realise your potential in your career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. This starts with how to induce genuine hypnosis and to conduct good in-depth therapy. Add to this, a thorough grounding in business skills and a demystifying of the hypnotherapy profession and this is the basis of what makes a confident, competent practising Clinical Hypnotherapist.