Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy

The Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy is 5 days of live in-class training it is also the first 5 days of the 13-day Diploma course. The Certificate is practical hands-on training for either those starting out on a career in Clinical Hypnotherapy and wanting to become a fully qualified competent Clinical Hypnotherapist or for those persons interested in hypnosis and wanting to find out how it all works. From day one of the course, you will be learning what hypnosis really is and how it works and you will begin to hypnotise others. We dispel the myths and answer your questions, you get to observe daily induction demonstrations and then you get to practice doing these hypnotic inductions to get you up to speed and able to hypnotise others easily and effortlessly.

During this time you will learn all the basic techniques to get you started including multiple inductions both rapid and relaxation and basic therapy techniques. This 5-day Certificate course is a good way for you to find out if a hypnotherapy career is for you. There is an abundance of experiential work included in the Certificate as well as live demonstrations and plenty of discussion time.

You are most welcome to continue training towards your Diploma or Advanced Diploma after completing the 5-day certificate if you have enjoyed training with us. To see a breakdown of what you will learn on this Certificate course please select the “Course Curriculum” tab above.

Course: Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy (5 days)

2020 Certificate Dates: 

  • TBA 2021


Southport, Gold Coast, Qld.


Price: $1100.

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Certificate topics are;

Day 1; Teaching of Inductions, Definitions of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Dispelling the Myths, Overview of Hypnosis – Modern Clinical Research, Hypnosis History, How the Mind Works, Conscious and Subconscious Mind, Altered States of Consciousness, Difference between Clinical Hypnosis and Stage Hypnosis, Susceptibility tests, Group Hypnosis Experience, Simple Susceptibility Tests, Handclasp, Hypnotic Gaze, Rapid Induction Demonstrations and Practice, About Trance Induction, Recognise the Signs of Hypnosis, Deepeners, Dangers of Hypnosis, Contra Indication of Hypnosis.

Day 2; Teaching of Inductions, The Brain and Mind Subconscious – Unconscious – Conscious, Mind-Body Connection, Parallel Awareness – Dissociation, Physical Changes, Hypnotic Voice, Hypnotic Inductions, Rapid Induction Demonstration and Practice, Four Attributes of Change, Ideo-Motor, Effects of Colours, Abreaction and Catharsis, Inducing and Maintaining Hypnosis, Rapport, Professional Conduct, Therapeutic Skills.

Day 3; Teaching of Inductions, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Ethics in Hypnosis Practice, Hypnosis Induction Demonstrations and Practice, Methods of Trance Induction, Deepening and Trance Termination, Eye fixation, Catalepsy, Arm levitation, Progressive relaxation, Wake-up or trance termination, Fractionation and other dissociative procedures, Trance Resistance, Difficulties, How to test for trance progress and establishment. 

Day 4; Teaching of Inductions, Fractionation Rapport, Creating a Tailored Script, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Induction and Practice, Therapeutic Process, Gathering Client Information, Take case History of Client, Effective and Appropriate Questioning, Demonstration, Supervisions and Questions. 

Day 5; Teaching of Inductions, Putting it all Together, Hypnotic language patterns, Structuring suggestions, Ericksonian approaches, Devising the treatment plan, Therapies and useful scripts, Stress management,  Induction Practise, Professional Conduct, Code of ethics, Supervision and Questions.