Payment plan

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Courses

You are most welcome to establish a payment plan with Clinical Hypnotherapy Training.

We do not encourage or direct you to any third party financiers to indebt you.

Our payment plan is of course interest-free.

The payment plan for each student is individual.

How does the payment plan work:

The payment plan is designed so you will have up to date payments two weeks before each block of your selected training course. This enables you to complete the course requirements and receive your accolade.

You can make a deposit and begin the payments.

All payments will be made via direct debit to the account nominated by Clinical Hypnotherapy Training.

How do I go about setting up the payment plan?

First, you need to download the enrollment form and the payment plan form.  Fill them in and email both of them back to Clinical Hypnotherapy Training and we will be in touch to formalise the plan and to action the automatic payments.

The forms can be found in the Downloads menu or click the link below.

For further information please call Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Ph: 0402 129 107